Downtown Newhall and Lyons Ave in Santa Clarita CA

Santa Clarita CA has a ridiculous amount of places to grub

In Santa Clarita CA if the food isn’t good, the restaurant will not last. There is no shortage of good food in Santa Clarita CA. There are a few places to go eat that seem to stand out amongst the crowds. One of the restaurants is Southern Smoke in downtown Newhall. This old cowboy town is nestled between the 5 and 14 freeways and you can get to it from either one fairly quickly.

Southern Smoke is all about the smoke

From the pulled pork to the sausages, and the tri-tip to the brisket, expect exceptional quality meats loaded with flavor and matched with a variety of awesome sauces. They are open for breakfast and their Texas tacos are fantastic. It’s a great place to enjoy a beer and have some great BBQ, or relax for a late breakfast with some friends or family.

California Fish Grill

Is on the healthier side of eating out. They have a great Taco Tuesday for fish tacos. There are so many different types of fish to choose from and the place is always packed because the price is right for what you get, especially on Tuesdays. The grill is located at the Santa Clarita Westfield Mall in one of the outdoor locations across the street from Corner Bakery. This is a great place for lunch and for a healthier eating-out option.

Lyons Ave has a great Mandarin restaurant

That will add some spice to your life. Mandarin is an Asian spot that has many vegan options and also has great prices. Try the spicy shrimp soup is very spicy with mushrooms, snap peas, and broccoli, and served on a bed of white rice. It is a healthy option that will open up your blood vessels and sinuses. This particular dish will help aid digestion and detoxify the body.

Lyons Ave. is one of the first main thoroughfares in the Santa Clarita Valley

The entire Santa Clarita Valley has been developed by Newhall Land and Lyons Ave. was here since the beginning. It is loaded with small businesses and populated with mostly Hispanic and white persons. By going to downtown Newhall on Main St. you will find other good places to eat, a nice park, the DMV, Roger Dunn Golf Store, and connect to Sierra Highway on the east end of town. This area is populated with mostly Hispanics and awesome Mexican food like Las Delicias. Along this stretch of town toward the 14 Freeway between Newhall and the 14, there is a great nursery called Green Thumb. It’s a good place for plants and things for the yard.

Other Great Restaurants

If you head northeast on either Sierra Highway or the 14 northbound off of Newhall Ave, you will get closer and closer to Canyon Country. The actual border between Newhall and Canyon Country is Via Princessa and the 14 freeway. At the corner of Golden Valley Rd and Sierra Highway there is an epic Mexican spot called La Cocina. This is a newer location although they have been around the SCV for decades and thought it would be a good idea to add another location near Costco.