Hiking in Santa Clarita CA 2018

The hiking in Santa Clarita CA is Good to Epic. I moved to Santa Clarita CA back in 2007, there was this energy that continually drew me up here. Like a vortex, I would drive up the 5 freeway over the pass into the valley on the Newhall side or I would take the 14 freeway toward the opposite end of the valley. Both the 5 and 14 freeways really saddle the Santa Clarita Valley outside the borders of the two massive routes, exists some of the best hiking that southern California has to offer.

Placerita Canyon

On the southeast side of the 14 freeway is Placerita Canyon, which is home to the Santa Clarita Wilderness Park, a satellite filming location for Disney that is hundreds of acres in size, and good to epic hiking trails that eventually will perch you up for a fantastic view of Los Angeles. Depending on the time of year that you hike, there are variable weather patterns from freezing temperatures to hot scorching temperatures. There is also beautiful streams and waterfalls that can be found which makes for a nice destination when hiking. These trails have recently been opened back up for mountain biking which is great for some and not so great for others, particularly the hikers that get to eat the dust of yahoos flying around turns without much warning. Beware! Placerita Canyon has hikes for all ages and abilities, there are some 1 to 3 mile hikes on up from there. Much of the paths are shaded with large oak trees, although sun protection is always a good idea because of ambient rays and for all of the uncovered spots on the trails.

The Plaza

After hiking here, it’s great to head over off of Golden Valley Rd. just off the 14 freeway north or south depending on which end of Placerita Canyon you adventured in and out of. Here there is a new plaza that has good spots to eat and shop. The Habit is good burger and sandwich joint that has the best lettuce wrapped sandwich in town. Definitely check that out. There is a Baskin Robins next door to satisfy a sweet tooth as well. In the same plaza they have gas, a Target, Lowes, and some other good restaurants like Chipotle. If you’re in need of a good Chiropractor after a long hike The Santa Clarita Chiropractor is just down the hill on Via Princessa and Sierra Highway in the Starbucks plaza.

Towsley Canyon

On the west side of the 5 freeway is the infamous Towsley Canyon. There are other canyons like Rice Canyon and East Canyon however they are offshoots of Towsley. Here you have a great parking lot to meet your friends and other hikers. Be sure to not leave any visible items of value in your car as there has been known to be many break ins. This will make your hiking experience much better if you protect yourself and don’t have to come back to such delinquencies. Here you will find trails for all levels, including advanced trails that are hidden and off of the beaten path that will include much more privacy, rock scaling, and tree swings.

Either area will offer you good to epic hiking. So get out there and have fun and try both Placerita and Towsley Canyons!