Oregano in Santa Clarita CA

Oregano in Santa Clarita CA

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It's not just for cooking!

Oregano oil is used around the world as a potent germ-killer, anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, and our clinic advocated oregano oil in Santa Clarita CA as well. It is highly respected within the natural health community and is also being widely studied within the scientific community for its amazing medical uses. Chiropractor in Santa Clarita CA, Dr. Ron Bittle has been sharing this powerful oil with his patients for years.

Benefits of Oregano Oil in Santa Clarita CA

The research that has been done on the oil has shown that it can supersede many commonly-used pain killers, such as aspirin and even morphine with the added benefit that it has little to zero side effects. Oregano oil also has free-radical-fighting antioxidant properties, which are agents that protect the body from the development of chronic conditions over time.

Oregano oil also aids in the prevention and treatment of common infectious ailments. For example the common flu, psoriasis, eczema, Athletes foot, yeast infections, and bacterial infections.

Research on Oregano Oil

Studies have shown how useful it can be in the prevention of candida albicans, aspergillus mold, staph infections, vaginal infections, pseudomonas, and listeria.

A study from the US Department of Agriculture showed that oregano essential oils presented antimicrobial activities which fight against Salmonella and E. Coli. Oregano oil is also a powerful antimicrobial that has been used to preserve food.


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